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Corinne Takara said:
Wow! amazing! I just discovered this project. Oh, how I am hoping that you created an app of this to share! Is there a way to tag and submit images and create one's own anthroposts collection?
Beautiful project on so many levels.
Lauretta said:
I discovered your work yesterday @ Laguna Art Prize in Venice... simply wordless! Congrats!
sergio said:
Wow...very cool..
original,different...well done!
love it!!!
Belle said:
Hi Noah,
Your project has resonated with me on so many levels. I have grown up with a love of found objects, it began with saturday morning garage and yard sales with "the ladies" as a kid during the summers I spent in Camden, Maine. These are some of the oldest memories I have, and my first experiences in America before moving here years later. There's an indescribable feeling of intimacy and a sort of invisible bond created in knowing that what you hold was once used by another person.. that item, be it a scrap of paper or bag of knick-knacks carries with it a story... not just of the person who once owned it, not just of the writer or recipient, but that item in and of itself has it's own history, of it's own journey, like a coffee stain on a postcard. Suffice it to say, post-it notes like handwritten letters and postcards have meant a great deal to me. These particular handwritten notes may not always provide as much depth into a person's thoughts and character but they provide insight into those hasty moments in which all a person has time or thought to do is leave a little note. Then, they are often discarded, lost, and forgotten. The notes themselves are impermanent, yet thanks to you, some have been memorialized. A sort of physical (now made virtual) representation of how transitory life seems to be in our modern age.

I loved how you created various taxonomies for displaying the post-it notes, providing viewers with various interpretations and routes for analysis of the impact of these little connections, however brief or insignificant they may seem from a stranger and from afar. Absolutely inspiring project, I only wish I could've participated in your project and left a post-it note myself.

On a side note, this is very reminiscent of Found Magazine.

Thanks and all the best,
Belle H.
Samantha said:
you are truly an inspiration.
milene said:
congrats Noah, it's just and simply amazing !
Catherine McEver said:
Really a brilliant idea and the "view" page is so intuitive. I just started playing with it and was pleased and amazed. I love found things, both 2-D and 3-D. Kudos.
Alicyn said:
Wow. I'm lost in thought over all the connections that this project represents. Also, what a wonder that you came across so many! One man's trash...
Finola said:
Love this what a very cool idea. Amazing what goes on a post it. Orange ones are my fav. Am reading the orange ones first will then get to all the others
Elea said:
Little, forgotten and cast aside glimpses into private moments and life stories. I will be looking for notes as I walk now - thank you for the inspiration Noah =)
jimena said:
Great project! Do you accept submissions? I always read post it notes that I find on the street :)
Vicky said:
It scares me that if someone happened to write my address out on a sticky note that got lost somewhere that it could end up on here.
Antony said:
Lovey concept and implementation! It makes me feel one with the world. Cool... definitely cool.
Francis C. Vermont said:
Pretty amazing Noah! Congrats.....
Ted said:
This really is the most fascinating look at these little pieces of paper. I had never really thought about a postit note's after life.
Thank you for including us in your project!
Matt said:
Hello. I am the voice for "Mon. 1PM Outside High School". I think this is a great idea and very well done site. I appreciate you sharing this piece of art and allowing me to be a part of it.
Greg said:
Take a little bit of time to explore and enjoy what is obviously a labour of love for Noah
YA said:
"What a work! ... interesting ... I only ask myself how lonely one must feel to do such a task?!!!! ... smilin' ... great work tho!
Emily said:
Very cool project Noah.
Nathan said:
Great work Noah! Super interesting random glimpse into life.
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